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How Elon musk Surprises the world with his business skills

How Elon musk Surprises the world with his business skills


What is the first thing that comes to your mind When you think of Elon Musk?

for some of us It is the scenario where he is standing at a sink washing dishes in a soup kitchen in an episode of The Big Bang Theory. for some It is his rumored Feud with the popular American rapper Azalea Amanda Banks and a non-conventional love story with Claire voucher that fizzled out faster than the social media Trend. 

And for some, it is the thought of how this man has single-handedly built the most Innovative and mind-blowing Technology decade with the potential to completely transform Our Lives as we know it.

In this article We will see how Elon Musk is changing the world One step at a time. 

Make sure you read this article till the end to see all the crazy invention  Elon musk is thinking about for the future.



Who is he on Elon musk? 

Well in the simplest of terms, he is a 50 year old entrepreneur, who has invested in many projects aimed at the movement to make a better tomorrow for all of us.

Elon musk
Elon musk founder and CEO of SpaceX, Tesla image Credit: Tesla


Elon musk most popularly known for founding, Tesla Motors producing affordable Mass-market electric cars, solar roofs, and Battery products which are in fact ranked as some of the most technologically advanced ones of our time.

Elon musk oversees the production at the company. Elon musk has also founded the musk Foundation a nonprofit dedicated to space exploration and developing clean renewable energy for common use.

As the CEO of Tesla Motors, SpaceX and the inventor of PayPal Elon Musk is a modern-day Newton with ideas that have had and are still leaving a lasting impact on our society. 

This is one of the many reasons why the media keeps an eye on his every step to understand even the smallest hint at what his next Masterpiece before anyone else.

you will hear news about everything related to him is finances is losses ,His triumphs his weed smoke and King during this podcast.

his intelligence of teaching himself computer programming at 9 years old his strength of running away from an abusive father and coming from South Africa to Canada alone. his struggle as a bully kid who read 60 books a month to keep his strength going and much more.

It is amazing to see how he started in the Silicon Valley by creating and selling companies and gradually became the Elon Musk we know today. a one-man multi-billion dollar inspiration.

The man has so many colors and lines. the The technology entrepreneur investor and engineer a Founder and CEO and even a lead designer at SpaceX. It is then not wrong to say, Elon Musk does not just make news he is news.


Where did this changing of the world? Exactly start? 

Well, there have been many instances but let's talk about the latest one.

On March 6,2019 He caught the World by surprise announcing that the electric carmaker Tesla Motors would close most of their offline stores in a very short time and shift to online sales completely. most sales Personnel and professionals First found out about the decision when Tesla published a public blog post. 

The reaction to the post was that the stock of the company dropped by a whopping 16%. but the ones that know him understood that, this step is not very far off from the typical musk style. He is always keen on creating twists in his own story and in turn in the face of his Global business. 

Plus, when we know that he has already transformed the way we transfer money worldwide and even how we understand the world of technology. It is not too risky to assume this move might be related to him creating an online market for the automotive industry. 

But soon must describe this move as a cost-cutting tactic so that Tesla could offer their promise to first mass manufactured US $35 thousand dollar version of the model 3 sedan at reduced prices by at least an average of six percent as compared to their other products.

This move though. not very safe or understandable by all definitely seems like a step closer to a different scenario of the automotive culture in the entire world. If that is not a musk style change of the world we don't know what is. what do you think ? Tell us your thoughts in a comment section below.