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Weirdest Objects that Sent to Space

Weirdest Objects that Sent to Space


In the matter of journey in to the space mankind has done some crazy stuf If any alien Civilizations were intercepted these bizarre bundles, they may think twice about dropping and pane as a visit

What are some of the weirdest objects ever sent to space ?

Not a broken record the spacecraft Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 were last nearly 16days a part in 1977 now infamous voyager golden record the mission was to photograph and document our solar system with notable astronomer carl sagon raised a valid point what if the spacecraft found a intelligent life along the way.


Spacecraft Voyager Contains Sonography
Spacecraft voyager contains Sonogrphic image Credit: factonomy

The Golden record contains basic Sonographic information including greetings  spoken in 55 languages a 90 minute selection of musical excerpts from around the globe including human brain waves , the natural sounds of animals and even images of mathematical definition and DNA structure the aim is to offer a brief yet accurate cross section of human civilization for anyone and anything to decipher should they come across it President Jimmy Carter and UN secretary-general Kurt valdheim also added printed messages to the package.

Music is to be one of the greatest achievements of mankind equal to or exceeding or ability to leave the confines of earth and then explore the cosmos Walter sherer Jr and Thomas Stafford made history when they played the first musical instruments in the history of space flight while aboard the Gemini 6H Spacecraft.

mucical instrument
Music instrument used in Space image Credit: factonat


they decided to play little yuletide prank on mission control they reported seeing an unidentified flying object with the command module and 8 smaller modules in front it was in north polar the orbit about to re-enter the atmosphere atthe end of a transmission the pair played somewhat off-key rendition of jingle bells shira on his tiny 4 hour harmonica instead and stafford on percussion with a string of 5small bells.

Stellar send off there have been those who feel a great affinity with the universe and have had the success and wealth to sponsor a trip into outer space and find their final resting place drifting amongst  the stars in the great void of space.


Gene Roddenberry was the original creator of Star Trek and his last will and testament dictated that a portion of his ashes be launched along with the space shuttle Columbia in 1992

Similarly James Doohan who played Scotty in the  Same series always wanted his ashes to be shot up into space. sadly, they came back to earth after brief orbit in 2007 and in the second attempt was unsuccessful s the rocket carrier is exploded over the Pacific Ocean. so much for resting in peace well pieces.