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Tesla Cyber Truck Will be the Game Changer of Auto indiustry

Tesla Cyber Truck Will be the Game Changer of Auto indiustry

Tesla unveiled its electric pickup truck the Cyber truck in November 2019. back then it is meant to be available at the end of this year.
However the timeline for the releases been adjusted and people placed pre order will have to wait longer.

Latest update features of Tesla cyber truck

The Cyber Truck Received a mixed welcome. it instantly gained both fans and non fans due to its weird body. with it looks like a prop in a futuristic movie set on Mars of 2050.

Tesla Cyber Truck
Tesla Cyber Truck image Credit: Tesla


auto enthusiasts quickly chose whether they like it or not. It is being described this fabulous and Unique to turn heads to anywhere it goes. 

its also been panned for being  too ugly unrealistic or being different just for the sake of being different.

the pickup truck is on for reservation with a refundable deposit of $100. Tesla offers Cyber Truck in three configurations.

1.Single motor

2.Dual motor and 

3.Tri motor

the single motor start from $39,900 while the Dual motor Starts from $49,900 and the Tri motor has the most expensive configuration starting at $69,900.

apparently many people can live with cyber truck appearance because it is managed to gather more than 1.2 million Pre orders according to unofficial count by a fan source tracker.

Tesla Cyber Truck Pre Orders
Tesla Cyber Truck Pre orders image Credit: Tesla fan tracker


broken down the Dual motor is the most popular 48% of total reservations, following not too far behind the tri motor at 45% and the single motor the cheapest 7% pre reservations.  

Tesla Cyber Truck Pre Orders sales graph
Tesla Cyber Truck Pre Orders sales graph image Credit: Tesla fan


altogether Tesla looking at a  potential of 79 billion dollars in revenue provided a can convert all the pre orders into sales. with a figure like this Tesla looks set to dominate the virtually non existent electric pickup truck market.