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How Tesla Model S Car made phenomena in Electric Car Indusrty

How Tesla Model S Car made phenomena in Electric Car Indusrty

 Tesla Model S Car


When the Tesla Roadster was released in 2008 it completely changed how electric cars viewed, but it was the Tesla Model S released in 2012 then really made phenomena in electric driving the model S immediately set a new standard for other electric car manufacturers in terms of safety, performance, luxury and technology. it's been almost 10 years since the Model S was first released and the buzz around it only get louder.

How did a new car manufacturer like Tesla rise to the top of the Car industry?

Well, let's just say Elon musk is not only good it posting tweets that send the whole internet into a fancy but he's also a visionary leader. 

while car companies like Toyota have been around for a long time and it created countless different models Tesla was still very new to the market.

The first car they built was the Tesla Roadster and all electric sports car. 

in the second was a luxury sedan known as the Tesla Model S while still and development of Model S was Codename White Star. 

Tesla model S Car
Tesla model S Car image Credit:Tesla

when it was released in 2012 it show the world that electric cars didn't have to be small, expensive and have a short-range.

The Model S is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that broke most of the limitations that electric  cars had. Instead of building a car that would compete with other electric cars musk and the rest of the team focused on making the model s a high-performing car that also compete with Gasoline cars.

Unlike most electric cars before it the Model S didn't compromise design for functionality, the car looks gorgeous from the outside in the interior is designed to match this luxurious design the Model S not only looks good, but it is also designed for efficiency. 

and according to Tesla has the lowest drag coefficient of any car. However gorgeous design of the model S is not enough to make reason that anyone want to buy it at the time it offered a significant range not seen in any electric vehicle before.

Tesla Model S car Speed Overview

when it was first released the range for the base model had a 208 mile range while the longer range model reach 265 miles by overcoming one of the biggest limitations most electric cars had the model S quickly became popular. 

of course this unprecedented range wouldn't have been possible if not for the powerful lithium ion batteries that laid the foundation of the Model S.

over the years Tesla continue to improve on its battery increase on its battery to increase the range according to Tesla  model S  long-range has an estimated range 405 miles. 

bigger batteries may be better, but they come with their disadvantages unlike traditional gasoline cars that take few minutes to Re-fuel electric cars can take longer.

To solve this challenge Tesla came up with the idea of superchargers they are the network of charging stations built in different locations to allow Tesla owners to go on road trips hence the name supercharger.

supercharger offers fast charging technology another reason why the model is so significant is its performance consumer reports said in an early review quote

 at the time the Model S could Accelerate to 60mph in 3.932 seconds as o reports it could also reach top speed of 139.21 mph.

Over the years the performance of  Model S improved significantly Model S can reach a top speed of 219.20 mph even more impressive is the 0- 60 time. 

it can reach 61.170 mph in under 20 seconds and makes it quicker than most supercars. 

another feature that makes the model S so significant is the technology with autopilot the car is capable of controlling the throttle brakes and steering in certain situations full self  driving is still in development it will allow the car to drive completely by itself. 

all new Tesla cars have the hardware needed for self-driving the advanced sensors in powerful computer processors make the Model S in incredibly advanced car they should add I'm feeling lucky button, which drives you have some random location like a beach,museum or theme parks.

model S also has internet capabilities allowing the car add new features and update the car software making it safer for capable with over-the-air software updates,

model S has also built-in features active security features such as automatic emergency braking the National highway traffic safety of vehicle administration gave the model S of 5-star safety rating in every and each category by testing this car in their different scenario.

model S became huge success  in 2018 over 263,000 model S units are sold while the marvellous isn't a cheap car with the base price of Tesla model S car $93,980  is a very significant revolutionised electric cars.